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Funny Bunny Fridays Week 14: Halloween Special: Humor, Laughter, Sweet Treats, and Love

Welcome to Funny Bunny Fridays Week 14 @ The Home-made Gingerbread Seoulwich House At Dallas, London, and The New york TimeS(quare) , Happy October! It’s Halloween time, ready, set, go, let’s tricky and treat online and have lots of fun!....CHUckles ;) hahaha...!

We welcome you to freely share your wisdom and humor with us today. Let's smile as BIg as Goats  and Chuckle as Deep as Ocean!

PROOF POSITIVE by Rinkly Rimes  

The policeman stopped Roberto's car and said that he was needing
His licence and other documents because he'd seen him speeding.
'I'm sure I wasn't, officer'....thus Roberto spoke....
'To say that I was speeding is simply just a joke.'
'It's certainly no joke, my man' the policeman, quickly, said;
'Breathe into this bag at once so your readings can be read!'
Of course the police equipment proved that he was inebriated,
Roberto snapped 'It cannot be the figure that you've stated!
Your equipment must be faulty. I think it's a disgrace
To have traffic cops of the likes of you hanging around the place!'
'Just watch your tongue!' cried the Officer 'Let the law take it's course!
How dare you sit there and criticize a member of the force!'
Roberto shouted 'You're lying! I'm as sober as can be!
And I will run you over if you don't get away from me!'
Then timid little Elsie, who'd been in the passenger seat,
Piped up and said, in a voice that was placating, soft and sweet....
'Take no notice of him, Officer; he always kicks up a stink
And gets very argumentative, when he's had too much to drink!'

Starlight  by
Jack Edwards

When we met, you promised me starlight;
That you would capture it inside a vial
For me to wear around my neck
So you could always see me.

But in the end,
You just gave me

It’s a Man’s World? by James Rainsford

The first thing I need upon waking,
Is a comforting hot cup of tea,
So I turn to my wife to determine
If the maker shall be her; or me.

Sadly, I find her pretending
To be not awake, but asleep,
So I shake her to see if she’s faking
And she opens her eyes for a peep.

Then enquires why I have disturbed her,
As she was having a wonderful dream,
So I relate my strong wish for a ‘cuppa,’
Which caused an incredulous scream.

Aware that my actions are thoughtless
I give her a kiss and a smile,
So she rises to put on the kettle
And I gratefully sleep for a while.

Upon waking a half-hour later
My tea is as cold as a stone,
My limbs are tied to the bedposts,
But I have the good-sense not to moan.

©James Rainsford 2012

Microchipped for Love of Country by K. Shawn Edgar  

Daisy Romney, it’s crazy
falling, lying, thieving
all missteps corrected
Your pull is majestic
forgiveness universal
It’s a blood-oath cell bomb
no longer doing wrong
Daisy Romney, you’ve made
a believer out of me
Sub-root process divine
your laser eye scalpel
incision successful
I’m an angel reordered
to your campaign so plain
The silicon penetration
for devotional obedience
subcutaneously slotted
by your godly cool hands
warmly working, and low
Daisy Romney, you’ve transformed
this Hater into a microchipped
love slave for the greater good
Your own greater good

Limerick Feud by Madeleine Begun Kane

A shrink was involved in a feud
With his neighbors, and ended up sued.
On his problem he dwelled,
As lawyers withheld
Any aid, saying “Not in the mood!”

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