Friday, August 5, 2011

Funny Bunny Fridays Week 1

Hello, Welcome to The Purple Treehouse!

Beginning August, we will have a monthly prompt called Funny Bunny Fridays, which will post monthly on the first Friday, 1pm, American Central...The linkz will be up at the same time, and remain open for 9 full days  until the second Sunday, 8pm!

This is our first one, and this prompt is open to everything or anything funny in life! 

Possible Types of Funnies (It could be your own creation or by someone else!)

#1: Jokes
#2: Poetry, including free verses, Haiku, couplets, limericks, or Haiku...
#3: Quotes
#4: Cartoons
#5: Short Stories
#6: Art/Paintings/Drawings
#7: Videos or movie clips
#8: Music or Songs
#9: Photo Shots/Images on people, animals, signs, slogans, events, and etc.

Basic Instructions:

#1: post anything funny in your own blog.
#2: tag The Purple Treehouse or Funny Bunny Fridays post.
#3: share your entry with  your peers by linking your entry to our collection via inlinkz below.
#4: click on names of your peers to read, laugh, and think...

Let's spend some time laughing at ourselves or giggling at creations that are tickling from our blogging friends here, isn't it a fabulous way to relax, and start a month with lots of positive energy and inspirations?

Quote: "Those who laugh, Last!"


  1. you are so dear, my friend, welcome.

    lovely work from you as always.

    will read soon.

  2. I posted a 'tragic humor', translated from my old writings in Indonesia Language..

  3. can't participate this time around. will try soon though. thanks for the invite!

  4. It wasn't easy to come up with something funny until I found this prompt and then combined the two together.

  5. It wasn't easy to come up with something funny until I found this prompt and then combined the two together.

  6. Hooray for places to share humor! :)

  7. Have been working on a bunch of other projects - but I thought I'd link up a humorous post from a few months ago.
    Love the idea of a site dedicated to fun - most of my writing tends to be dark for some reason.

  8. Thanks for coming, Li and Rachel.

  9. I linked a post that is old but still my favorite funny one.
    I love this idea of more humor. Thanks.

  10. Well, maybe it's funny. It's an oldie. : )

  11. My daughter showed me this - I am already a fan of the show - but this had me howling. It is a bit raunchy, but very funny. I love British humour.

  12. nice relief after dreadful week in the UK ....keep smiling !

  13. My post "Rabbit Dreams" seemed like the perfect fit here! - Gentle grin worthy...

  14. This feature is right up my alley! I posted one of my sillier poems. Hope y'all enjoy it.
    I didn't get the invite unti a few minutes ago, and it's past my bed time. But I'll be up bright and early, and will get busy reading and commenting. Looking forward to some laughs in the morning.

  15. People come up gladly to read anything related to humor. It is the need of the hour. Deeju presents 'A small piece of humor' from her daily life...hope to bring atleast one smile from the people who visit me!