Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Bunny Fridays Week 6: January 6-15, 2012

Funny Bunny Fridays Week 6 (January 6-15, 2012)

Welcome to The Purple Treehouse!

Hi everybody!  It's Terri here.  I will be hosting the Funny Bunny Fridays for a while.  Welcome to Week 6 edition and the first of 2012!

I hope that you all had a great Christmas and wish you the best New Year ever!

I'll get things started by telling you a joke I read the other day that went something like this:

Every time I go to a wedding, some older relative pokes me in the ribs and says, "You're next!"

So now, every time I go to a funeral, I poke them in the ribs and say, "Hey, you're next!"

We welcome you to freely share your wit and humor with us today.  Let's have some fun and laughs!!


Possible Types of Funnies (It could be your own creation or by someone else!)

#1: Jokes
#2: Poetry, including free verses, Haiku, couplets, limericks, or Haiku...
#3: Quotes
#4: Cartoons
#5: Short Stories
#6: Art/Paintings/Drawings
#7: Videos or movie clips
#8: Music or Songs
#9: Photo Shots/Images on people, animals, signs, slogans, events, and etc.

Basic Instructions:

#1: post anything funny in your own blog.
#2: tag The Purple Treehouse or Funny Bunny Fridays post.
#3: share your entry with  your peers by linking your entry to our collection via inlinkz below.
#4: click on names of your peers to read, laugh, and think...



 Peace, love, joy and happy laughing!!

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  1. Terri, what a divine post.
    love your joke in the middle.

    PS: posted late, but the linkz will stay open for up to two weeks,

    we have enough time to smile!

    Happy Funny Bunny Fridays.


    Happy New Year.

  2. Fun post! Thanks as always for hosting this! Here's my Happy New Year Limerick.

  3. did you see the linkz, please link in your entry yourself, have fun.

    kind of busy and got late this week.

  4. I wrote this for Halloween but it still makes me smile !

  5. Okay, I hope everybody has fun today! i posted two links to get things moving. One is funny animals and the other is one of my most hit on Limericks.
    Blessings to all and happy Friday, Terri

  6. I love the sign outside the church! (Well, sort of love it!)

  7. hi,

    in a ruch, I simply linked in some image shots.

    hope that you enjoy it.


  8. Love to write with humour and a smile, but in haiku and senryu that isn't always possible, but I think I have succeeded.
    Thanks for this opportunity to learn to write with humour. I am far to serious with haiku I think.

    Happy Smiles

  9. Hi, Chevrefeuille, this is humor theme, you can post anything that is funny, poem, Haiku, images, videos, songs, ...

    thanks for trying.

  10. The Parish Hall sign is hilarious!

  11. I'm glad that you all are liking my sign! I was a little leary of putting that one on here, didn't want to offend anybody but it was just too funny not to :) I just wanted to know that I am having a hard time posting my comments to the blogger posts. It says to choose a profile but then won't let me do it :( I am reading and laughing at your stuff though! Sorry, don't know if it is operator error or something in your settings. Just wanted to let you know!
    Loving the laughs,

  12. Hello,

    shared two, have fun, folks.

  13. getting tired, will check and read tomorrow.


  14. Love the joke...I wrote the one I posted back in November...I like to call it a bath and justice :)

    by Jonathan Caswell


    To discombobulate is rare

    But TWICE this week heard it aired…

    On Dylan’s weather blog

    And from a client who jogged

    Out into the Friday night air!

    Dylan Dreyer, WHDH Weather,

    Has a Cody-dog, light as a feather…

    Off the bed she fell

    Landing all askew as well,

    The poor dog had to get it all together.

    We’re Security at local plants

    Listening to end-of-day rants…

    Heard “discombobulate”

    From a woman running late,

    She chuckled at poor Cody’s happenstance.

    ---J. Caswell

  16. It is cool to smile and relax.

    Thanks for the prompt,



  17. Just a short limerick-toast to help fight the after holiday blues..

  18. Hope my funny isn't too inappropriate but there's a fairy godmother involved. I had a good laugh hope you all do tooo.

  19. Love the laughs that I have read so far everybody!! People who are new to blogger, please check your comment settings, I have been having problems with several sites and leaving you my kudos :) Several of them say choose profile and have a little box with an arrow but when you click it, nothing happens and you can't post your comment :( Thanks, Terri

  20. OH mylanta! You are next....Thank you