Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny Bunny Fridays Week 7

Welcome to The Purple Treehouse!

Hi everybody! It's Terri here. Hope everybody had a good January.

Now we should all be thrilled this month what happens in February? Girl Scout cookies!! Yahoo!!
Everybody loves at least one kind don't they? The only bad thing is, I recently heard some disturbing new about that:

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I saw this on my nephew's Facebook page and just couldn't resist using it since it really is that time of the year.

We welcome you to freely share your wit and humor with us today. Let's have some fun and laughs!!
So tell us your jokes, share a funny poem or Limerick, humorous story, pictures, cartoons, etc.
Anything to make us laugh is welcome within reason.
Here is an example of a limerick that I did last month:
(image source:
Skitterdy, diderdy, dat
I am a pussy cat
I love me a ribbon
and that ain’t no fibbin’
’cause ribbons are “all that”!
Teresa Marie 1/17/12 ©

Okay, that should get you started! Have fun sharing with the community today and I will see you all next month.
Basic Instructions:
#1: post anything funny in your own blog.
#2: tag The Purple Treehouse or Funny Bunny Fridays post.
#3: share your entry with your peers by linking your entry to our collection via inlinkz below.
#4: click on names of your peers to read, laugh, and think...


  1. Sorry, my linky didn't work for some reason.

  2. Gigi Ann,

    I switched to a different one for you, sorry for the trouble for previous one.

    it is a long link there.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting this and for a fun post! Here's my Out Of Sync Limerick.

  4. Got to pick up my son from school,

    see you later.

  5. hello all. First time here...this is an older post. Hope to have some new stuff ready to go soon. Vb

  6. welcome, Glad to see so many of you in,


  7. Hope I am not late with my entry :)
    Lol, the cat is all a-twitter for having got ribbons!

  8. we are open for two weeks,

    never too late,

    share as long as the linkz is open.