Friday, October 31, 2014

How Halloween Works: Halloween Passes Us By written by Alice Mae


Each nose is twitching, excitement is itching
Bats in our belfry are shy
The hour of witching is rather bewitching
Halloween will soon pass us by

Dressed as a witch, in a pin and a stitch
Hoping to fly over the sky
Inspired with fun, Halloween has begun
But soon it will pass us on by

The flying broom skips out of the room
Where black birds catch up on the fly
Owls run away when sun breaks the day
Before Halloween passes us by

Scarecrows and witches with patches on britches
Wild corn grown hang on the husk
Children all happy in costumes so snappy
With parties and dress up's till dusk

Boil and bubble a pot of fun trouble
Halloween pumpkin pie
From out of the rubble, excitement will double
Before Halloween passes on by 
PS:Traditions For Halloween from online

Although Halloween began as a holiday for individuals who practiced the occult, it has since turned into something completely different. Halloween has really become all about the kids. It is about the fun of dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a night. It is about children gorging themselves on way too much candy. Unfortunately, there is also a sinister aspect to the holiday that has to do with children believing that they are entitled to received candy and vandalizing property when they don't get what they want.


  1. Halloween is an American holiday,

    it is similar to Ghosts Homecoming Day,

  2. thanksgiving is gone,
    Christmas is in town,

    Happy New Year,