Sunday, September 11, 2016

(re)Morse Code by Grapeling, a note for September 11, 2001 to 9/11/2016, 15 years of consideration, memorial, and embrace


Morse Code Machine, via

you sent Morse code
via goosebumps, the message trilling
my right arm, shoulder, neck
but I was absent the day they taught sense
and remiss, never caught up
so what did I miss?
how will I redeem that lapse?
run after you, chase
until collapse?
I have this uncontrollable urge
to splurge on words
it’s easy, they’re freer
than silence
but once spent, much more

 Image result for al gore and bill clinton           

Former president and vice president, Bill Clinton and Al gore, they work on Green Earth and Clean Energy universe,

Image result for mary fallin and brad henry on peace    Gorilla Rants

 Image result for mary fallin and brad henry on peace

current presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Michael Pence
Image result for mary fallin and brad henry on peace 
Image result for mary fallin and brad henry on peace 
Image result for mary fallin and brad henry on peace  Sadam Husine

Image result for mary fallin and brad henry on peace  mary fallin, a conservative gorvenor

Image result for brad henry on peace ok former governor brad henry mour for victims
of dramatic events, such as okc bombing, new york city twin tower

Image result for brad henry on peace  angie jolie and brad pitt feel upset about loss of life

Image result for john kennedy John F Kennedy, has world famous speeches,
think of what you can do for the country, not what you can benefit...

Image result for bush and barack on 89 11  former George Herbet bush and current president barack obama

Image result for bush and barack on 89 11 

Image result for bush and barack on 89 11

Bill william clinton and George Walker bush speak at white house, with older Bush standing by,
Texas authority often talks about National security and anti-terrorism, reminding US about
the way we think of our nation, Freedom is not free, and independence is vital

Friday, July 1, 2016

friendship, poetry, inspirations, and love from Kelli elmore, and from outstanding poetress Jingle, Olivia, Leo, Kavita, Bill, Tracy, Amanda, Jamie, Sheryl, Stein, Singer, and Drew posted by chris kerry scott sophie johnson

This is my response to you, Dearest Kelli. You are so thoughtful..
Please feel free to edit or delete content upon your satisfaction.

Share with us a little about yourself...

Hello, my name is Ji, Jingle is my ideal name or pen name. I live in the United States of America and enjoy reading, traveling, and writing.  I am happily married and have two teen boys.
I started to blog about 11 months ago, before that, I have denoted my full energy and time (18 years) to my education, to my family, including being a good mother to my kids while attending graduate school and working part time. I am a self starter and enjoy learning new things, I love my kids and would do everything to make sure they are happy and have all the opportunities to try out new things and become an independent thinkers.
I quitted graduate school last September to stay at home, having earned two Masters Degree make me feel happy, after all that, I feel satisfied and want to rest and enjoy some free time.

How did  Jingle come about?

The following is what I write at ABOUT ME section of Jingle:
I plan to share some of the insights I have gained in my life span and hope that you join me for the journey of adventures, humors, and surprises. My purpose is not to showcase the downside of everyday living, but to take efforts in figuring out how we can have a better life than what we have now, and why we shall never give up hopes and keep course sailing!
It does not matter who you are and where you come from, we connect with each other via our shared interests or values and seek answers to our wonders, problems, and struggles in a universal sense!
English is not my first language, thus I appreciate your tolerance!

What does your work with Jingle Poetry involve?

I am responsible for recruitment and make sure the community runs smoothly. I work closely with Olivia, I work out a list of poets who are potential participants to Jingle poetry, and she will visit and invite poets from the list I give to her, once Monday potluck starts, I will work on the same list and give a reminder…
After Wednesday, I will send an email (newsletter alike) to all officials, do a summary of what we have done, and give assignment to officials for the coming week…

What led you to create jingle?
Kids are grown, I enjoy the freedom to develop my writing skills, I have enjoyed reading lots of literature books ever since I was 7 years old. 

When I planed to start a blog, I wanted to focus on creative writing and positive messages.
I wish to motivate people and keep the spirits of encouragement alive.

Based on my real name Ji, I came up with Jingle, which is a sound and pleasant name, and Ji is inside Ji-ngle, which means Jingle embraces Ji, yet Jingle is bigger than Ji in everything.

Jingle is created to demonstrate love, poetry, embrace, and diversity in global sense.
Jingle poetry is Jingle's dreamland on poetry...

What would you say uniquely sets Jingle apart from other poetry 

Jingle is different from other poetry blogs, because Jingle focus on tolerance, encouragement, and creativity.

As you can see, Jingle does the following things which sets her apart from others:

#1: Jingle celebrates community member’s birthdays, upon the wishes of the bloggers.

The following is an example occurred recently, it is a huge success!

#2: Jingle supports almost all meme blogs, upon the prerequisite that she has enough time to write and post, check the pages on the header, you can see almost everything she does to support all kinds of poetry communities over the past 11 month. (Jingle blog starts on Novemer 28, 2009)

#3: In case there are bloggers or poets who attack Jingle and her communities, Jingle chooses silence, tolerance, and embrace. In a creative and lawful way, Jingle would write a post state her standing of her blog and how she demonstrates what she believes …

#4: Jingle has an award system, especially awards for participants at Thursday Poets Rally,

So far, two official awards are given when Rally runs:

The perfect poet award—it  is created by Jingle, this is an award given to 20-30 participants to show support and encouragement in writing and promoting poetry. The winner must post a poem or Haiku, display a logo (they can choose any one available), nominate another poet for next week’s award. 4 those who reject the award, Jingle will stop assigning  the award in the future.

The Celebrate Poet of ___ Award, a monthly award, Jingle nominates a list of poets from the community, any poet is welcome to vote, any poet can be voted, this is huge and after deadline, Jingle counts the vote, assigning the awards as: for example
The Celebrate Poet of September Award:
The Celebrate Poet of September Runner-up Award,
The Celebrate Poet of September Honorable Mention,

Because the community is growing so fast and so big, we have 300-500 previous participants, and 200-300 poets are recent active, this is huge. Jingle tries her best to carry out the task  on her own.

As for general blogging friends,

Jingle has done a few awards, the most important ones are: for example:

The celebrate blogger of July Award on humor,
The celebrate Blogger of July Award on food/cooking,
The Celebrate blogger of July  Award on short stories,
The Celebrate Blogger of July award on art/painting,

These award are official and designed to encourage fellow bloggers of all talents.
Which is the award NO Other communities have offered.

I noticed that you have a theme for every day of the week, tell us about that...

This is random mostly, I have done the following in the past 11 months
I do Blue Monday, Carry our Tuesday, ABC Wednesday, Thursday Poets Rally, Flash Friday 55, Weekend Funnies ob Saturdays, Sunday 160, Monday’s Child, Magpie Tale writing, Monday Poetry Potluck, Writer’s Island, Big Tent Poetry, Room 4 Romance, Lots of Laughter, Haiku Heights, Alphabe-Thursday, Six Word Saturday, Pink Saturday, Family Fridays, Math Monday, Z-A Word Challenge,…

There are so many meme blogs and writing challenges out there,  I choose what I am able to do and basically, YES, at least one meme each day. This helps me keep writing. I love it.

Tell me a little about Jingle's Poetry Potluck?

I initialized Jingle Poetry, which is the extension of Jingle on poetry.

Thursday Poets Rally by Jingle is cool, it has high commenting requirement and demands the meet of rules in the poetry community. During the first 8 months of Running Poets Rally,  I have had poets who  email or comment to let me know that, they could not attend Poets Rally, because they have trouble concentrating on short time and heavy commenting tasks, ..

I planned Jingle Poetry Monday Potluck 8 weeks ago, which is 100% FREE Style commenting, the purpose is to serve poets of all kinds of background, level of skills, and provide a chance for all to share a piece of their poetry, and encourage each other without feeling the pressure of commenting, award winning and accepting…

We have been successful and look forward to continuing success.
Thanks to Amanda and Kavita, who are perfect Potluck hosts..

Jingle Poetry hosts Wednesday's Meet the Poet, in which I was honored to be chosen recently. Tell me, how do you choose the selected poet to spotlight?

I leave the choice to Tracy/Annie, who are in charge of Meet out Poet Wednesday. I give simple and general rule:

Represent poets who are fresh, talented, and supportive. They have done fabulous job so far.
I am proud of the job they have done.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in hosting a blogging community?

Do you support any causes and if so, which ones and why are they important to you?

Hosting a blogging community is huge task, especially when awards are involved.

4 general community, you have to have clear rules, do extensive commercial at the beginning, dropping a simple invitation is somewhat rude, I would say, to obtain support, you must read your targeted bloggers, and comment on their posts, in general, give at least 2 favorable comments before you give your invitation.

After 2 or 3 weeks, invite those NEW only, for old participants, in case they are active, you must visit them at least 2 or 3 times to post a comment for most updated their posts.

Keep encouraging, keep following, that’s how you succeed.

I support all communities. As long as the community is positive, holds NO discrimination of fellow bloggers regarding their race, gender, age, or background.

Of course, if I identify a community which holds personal biases against certain groups of people, I will withdraw from it and stop my support.
It is important to me because it demonstrates my ideology in blogging.

 Just for fun, fill in the blanks...

Poetry is...romantic
I write because...I like what I write, and I enjoy sharing what I wirte.
Without Poetry I would be...a body with a soul.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, fitbit walk, and free verse inquiry from apil 1 to may 2, 2016, YOU are invited and all welcome!

Image result for thursday poets rally 

 Image result for thursday poets rally 

are you on vacation?
check out Vancouver

are you in style?
buy shoes from Stillwater

are you in good mood?
think of a free verse, write it and feel good

do you drive long distance?
if not, dial a number, and send a text message

are you a mother?
do date your high school sweetheart

do you love your children?
do make sure they attend schools, and have yearly birthday celebration

do you blog?
do check out yahoo mail, ymail, hot mail, gmail, outlook mail, 163 mail

do you use facebook social media?
we do, and think of supporters from,,

do you know eric schmidt? how about jonathan rosenberg?
yes, we do, and we google up via firefox mozila and google chrome

poetry is our way
free verse today

lulu and create space are great
think of barnes & noble, bob young, jeff bezos, and alex page

mother's day is rosy
valentine's day is lust and busy

today, we invite you, he, them, us, anyone who reads english words
to write, blog, and post with our poetry rally week 83, nutrition fitbit

passing northwestern university,
we arrive harvard university

admiring yale university
we host brown university

ossm, shs, bethany high school,
mary fallin, princess jill, and santa matilda, wow, my time is cool.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

what is that smiles from Jim Vallion, Lela Sullivan, and Burns Hargis

 Image result for happy valentine on facebook
 Image result for happy valentine on facebook

 Image result for happy valentine on facebook
smiles pop on Jim Vallion,
because he feels good at home

of Ann Hargis,
along with Lela Sullivan

Drewtech gets you on the bus,
Nichols Hills home place you on Guts

Home, Sweet homes,
lots of designs involve Fisher Provence realtors

Bo Martin, Patricia Ayling, they work for residents,
Williams Elite, Barbara Sander, Victoria Cakewell wins fame for excellence

Shelby Weston is a banker,
Hope White is a woman for Eracourtyard realtor

ask Jeff Langum and David Dobson,
why Beverly Hills has many Hollywood stars honor Bethani Willis then

a story is for fun
I am sure I don't regret that Charles Rosenberg loves Drew gilpin Faust