Thursday, April 7, 2016

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, fitbit walk, and free verse inquiry from apil 1 to may 2, 2016, YOU are invited and all welcome!

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 Image result for thursday poets rally 

are you on vacation?
check out Vancouver

are you in style?
buy shoes from Stillwater

are you in good mood?
think of a free verse, write it and feel good

do you drive long distance?
if not, dial a number, and send a text message

are you a mother?
do date your high school sweetheart

do you love your children?
do make sure they attend schools, and have yearly birthday celebration

do you blog?
do check out yahoo mail, ymail, hot mail, gmail, outlook mail, 163 mail

do you use facebook social media?
we do, and think of supporters from,,

do you know eric schmidt? how about jonathan rosenberg?
yes, we do, and we google up via firefox mozila and google chrome

poetry is our way
free verse today

lulu and create space are great
think of barnes & noble, bob young, jeff bezos, and alex page

mother's day is rosy
valentine's day is lust and busy

today, we invite you, he, them, us, anyone who reads english words
to write, blog, and post with our poetry rally week 83, nutrition fitbit

passing northwestern university,
we arrive harvard university

admiring yale university
we host brown university

ossm, shs, bethany high school,
mary fallin, princess jill, and santa matilda, wow, my time is cool.