Thursday, December 13, 2018

funny bunny week 16, poetry form week 12

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Mr. Grumpledump’s Song

Everything’s wrong,
Days are too long,
Sunshine’s too hot,
Wind is too strong.
Clouds are too fluffy,
Grass is too green,
Ground is too dusty,
Sheets are too clean.
Stars are too twinkly,
Moon is too high,
Water’s too drippy,
Sand is too dry.
Rocks are too heavy,
Feathers too light,
Kids are too noisy,
Shoes are too tight.
Folks are too happy,
Singing their songs.
Why can’t they see it?
Everything’s wrong!

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

poets rally week 87, short stroy slam week 102, poetry and story inn fridays week 32,

poetry rally week 87 for Thanksgiving holidays....2018... 

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Image result for hyde park poetry  our poets write on their notebook for fun

Image result for poetry and thursday poets rally  an award for poets who are selected to win

today i choose to write letter A
a word begins from 26 alphabets
A is for Annie,
A is for Augustine
A is for Australia
A is for Annapolis

in a poem
we say things under our will
a will that tries to convince in energy balls
a word, A or A plus
which means a lot to many poets

poets are romantic folks
they like to travel
they like to sing
their mind is filled with beautiful nature views

we always vote for our profound poets

Saturday, August 4, 2018

before Fall semester begins, what do you do to prepare? sssweek95, pasifweek25

Image result for bluebell books twitter club   Tara Robinson, (Xi Mingze), and Leigha Layton...they do well

Image result for yumchina     yumchina, (baisheng), is a product in Shanghai

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Image result for yumchina 

Image result for yumchina   

Tyler Ford decides to do this,
he invites president Grant, president Washington, and president Trump for dinner
they eat at China, Washington D. C., and San Francisco,
they have fun....

when Emma Watson and Feng Xiaogang meet,
they set up a rule,
all students shall go through language art class
bailing out a deed by Gered clancy and Vikkie Hendrickson

Tuesday, May 22, 2018