Thursday, November 26, 2020

poetry form week 61, humor week 61..... lollipop poetry (a shape poetry form in free verse style)

poetry form week 60, fuji film, fuji mountain, and japanese travel



write some poems on fuji film and a travel experience,

which shall bring imagery to one's mind




a fuji film roll nestled inside a Canon camera

unexplored and  unexposed

dark space gives one golden hope

a picture is taken with a 400 mm flashing grade

sweet trips turn into digital romance

many photos and many prints

the poems and the adventures mix

a great memory art is made by human hand 

and by awesome human plans

poetry form week 59 : food and music



a theme is key to one's goal of writing,

why not choose food and music?




a cup of red wine

some fried dumplings in a silver plate

a violin player in the television screen

Todd and Sarah sit 

quiet, satisfied, 

they eat their food,

they have improved mood when

a car outside their window drives by

life could be great 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

poetry form week 58, gratitude and grace



write a poetry style in gratitude, always feel the grace in your mind and in your thoughts



a poem of gratitude



 not necessarily needed expression 

but a way to make remarkable impression

not need to open arms and share cash

but a way to pass spiritual connection

some angel's wings, 

glittering yet distant

some children's innocence

astonishing and mind blowing

a poem of gratitude and grace

the secrets yet to be unfolded

poetry form week 57, maplewood



a maplewood says ordinary things,

it makes one easy and relax....


a sample of maplewood



a friend screams from his French home

Carrier hears him from Hawaii Harbor

Obama and Bush cook Tofu and eat Fish

Taring and Lawrence bake potato cake

poet Luke comes to new york city,

Trump family decides to live in West Virginia

poetry form week 56, Haibun poetry form



 write something in contrast, making sure it evoke strong emotion when you read

the words echo, leaving one feel uneasy


winter is here with frost

trees bow to pray, hazel bricks block

all tender eyes from hot buns

haibun #2

silver seashells and blue waters

owls hoot through midnight, a noon bell

rings, hamburg lunch awaits

humor week 60 ......

 Funny Catfish - Meow - Freshwater Fish Barbels - Funny Catfish - Gobelin |  TeePublic PL

Sunday, November 1, 2020

humor week 59, a vote for president of USA is wanted during November 1--November 7, 2020...



 There's Always (Tom) Tomorrow | Arts | North Bay Bohemian 

there always (tom) tomorrow,

there are always Goshen today,

why not trust McDaonal mcchicken hamburger for a good time?

Petition · Bring Back the Buffalo Ranch McChicken ·  a one dollar sandwich is worthy a morning,

do eat a  lot.


humor week 58




 Tom Tomorrow | The Nation 

what does a penguin do to survive?

vote for a good course through humor....what makes you happy?