Wednesday, March 31, 2021

poetry form week 67, Cinquain



At the most basic level a cinquin is a five line poem or stanza




 Line 1 – two syllables
Line 2 – four syllables
Line 3 – six syllables
Line 4 – eight syllables
Line 5 – two syllables



april fool

lots of wonders

if you agree to play

unexpected things could bubble 

osho mmm


humor week 75

humor week 74

humor week 73,




 Drew the Dragonfly

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

poetry form week 66, Twerk Villanelle



a sample of poetry form  " Twerk Villanelle"





For Vanessa and Nepal, written by   Porsha Olayiwola



my girl positioned for a twerk session-
             knees bent, hands below the thigh, tongue out, head
turned to look at her body’s precession. 


she in tune. breath in. breasts hang. hips freshen. 
            she slow-wine. pulse waistline to a beat bled
for her, un-guilt the knees for the session.


fair saint of vertebrae- backbone blessing,
            her pop- in innate. her pop- out self- bred,
head locked into her holied procession. 


dance is proof she loves herself, no questions-
            no music required, no crowd needed. 
she arched into a gateway, protecting-

poetry form week 65 : " Free Verse and Jolly Shenmus"

 to Lori Webster,

   Free verse and Jolly Zhenmus  is a poetry form which writes with open mind,

no word counts, no rhyming, but free flow with jolly mood swing....

a sample for " Free Verse and Jolly Shenmus" shown below

Gordon Cooper Junior College

a dove sings in silence

some Storks fly over

cold wind blows hard near Carl blackwell lake

beautiful sail boats against blue waves

a car drives near

Christmas music is displayed along with a Calf fry guitar

strings bounce

Cam Jansen and  Tom Tomorrow 's gas strips

lots of people are invisible

not many face pop up in the entrance gate of  Central Rome Square Temple

Monday, March 1, 2021

humor week 72,




 Ask Dr. Universe: Do trees still create oxygen, clean air after leaves fall  off? | The Spokesman-Review 

where does  Oxygen come from when trees go brown?

humor week 71



 Factories dont make oxygen trees do! - The Organic Handkerchiefs Company



humor week 70




Buy animated apple video background. Video for intro and title. 

Falling Apple , nice gravity theory  by newton