Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Eve © Emily Obama

It was the night before Christmas and all were asleep
No one made a noise, not even a peep.
The little tikes slept, all tucked in their beds.
With pictures of St. Nick whirling about in their heads.
A little boy waited for old St. Nick.
And all of the sudden he heard the snap of a stick.
A sound out of doors made the boy jump.
He looked out the window and saw St. Nick on a stump.
The young boy looked with his eyes all aglow.
At the man dressed in red standing out in the snow.
He tip-toed out of his room and down the hall.
He saw old St. Nick putting out presents and all.
He watched very quietly peeking through a crack in the door.
He shifted positions and heard the creak of the floor.
The jolly man turned and through his white beard smiled.
They just stood there and stared at each other a while.
St. Nick whispered, "Merry Christmas to you."
The young lad smiled and said, "And the same to you."
The jolly man went to the roof with a thump.
The boy looked out the window and saw him land on the stump.
St. Nick flew away calling, "Ho, ho, ho!"
And the little boy looked and saw only the snow.
He looked at the tree and saw presents there.
And then he knew that he might need to share.
He told his parents of his night in the morning.
Smiling they replied, "You were only dreaming, darling."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

12 Years Passed, Memories of Pain and Loss Still Filter Through Our Pines, Let's Mour, and Plan for A Smater Future...

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today is one day apart from September eleventh, 2013, around 12 years from 9/11 in 2001, when terrorists attacked New York City Twin Towers and killed thousands of innocent people, today, we recall our past and mourn those who died due to the rise of evil power and the persistence of American patriotism and freedom, let's not forget this important event, pray to those who suffered and those family members or relatives who survived but felt the pain of loss...we shall cherish more about the peace, love, and daily comfort we have today, Thanks to former president George Walker Bush and his efforts, thanks to our military soldiers who fight and continue to battle for our beloved country, God bless America! 
The poem below has nothing to do with 9/11, but is is a sad reality check to highlight even today, hunger, natural disasters, and ignorance, they still post as threats to our everyday living and faith, we must act by being a good citizens first, encourage our friends, people we know to love peace, and stop violence and indifference to children and to  those who are needy...Thanks for reading...Bless You All! 
it's hard to describe how I feel right now
I want to explain it but I don't know how
I cannot believe it comes to this
it's our world, not just his
no matter how hard we try
the man can never hear us cry
we could scream and yell
but he is in his heaven while we're in our hell
The little boy wants his acceptance
but the man keeps his distance
the little boy has so many "whys?"
but the man won't open his eyes
The little girl just wants her dad
but the man doesn't understand
the little girl just wants to be kissed and hugged
but all the man does is shrug
The woman just wants him
But the light is getting dim
She loves him with all her heart
But the man keeps tearing it apart
no matter how hard we try
he can never hear us cry
we could scream and yell
but he is in his heaven while we're in our hell
I want to know one more thing
with my last bit of strength
is this it? is this the end?

Quoted post from Timonthy Jacobshen Wood, Thanks for reading...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello, Thank You, and Happy Writing, Friends! U R Honored As Participants To Love In Creativity Project #1 (See Right Hand Side Bar for Participanting Links Due June 16, 2012)

Hello,  the book is done, I have all participating links listed at right hand side bar so that you know what they write and how often they update or who they are.... Thanks for your support, enjoy the honor here....

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