Thursday, January 13, 2022

humor week 87, a pride in poetry brewing in the past 12 year..... a honorable mark on Thursday poets rally....janu 14, 2010 ---> january 14, 2022



 Five Nobel Prize winners publish scientific article collection for children  – Science & research news | Frontiers 

ALFRED NOBEL - Founder OF The Nobel Prize - Eureka Moment 

Hyde Park Poetry: Agreement for Thursday Poets Rally Week 53 (October 6-12,  2011) 

The Perfect Poet Award 4 Rally Week 44 | Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe at  West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, California, Oregon, Utah, Kentucky,  Wisconsin, Illinois, Maine, New York, Texas, Kansas, Arkansa, Newbraska,  Viginia 

Amarillo College - 

amarillo collelge is cool,   

Milk Poetry ft Antosh Wojick - Tobacco Factory Theatres


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